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Dr. Nadav Jacob Praff is committed to helping you with all your dental needs. Feel free to stop by his Spring Valley dentistoffice as soon as possible to receive 24-hour urgent dental care from Dr. Praff and his staff of certified oral professionals. We will confidentially cure your dental problems or refer you to an after-hours Spring Valley dental specialist.

Our goal is to serve your dental needs with pain-free procedures in our walk-in dentist office in Spring Valley, NY. We will even help you locate, connect, and setup an appointment with a specialist if you need one. Since most hospitals and emergency clinics don’t handle dentistry, our dentists will serve you both day and night during the work week. You just have to call us to receive immediate standard oral care, critical, or cosmetic dental solutions. We will then schedule your appointment for the same day in our Spring Valley dentist office.

Dr. Praff and his knowledgeable team are prepared to handle any dental care you need with the latest, cutting-edge products and technology in a peaceful environment. We will help deal with everything from teeth cleaning, dentures, tooth pain, extractions, bridges, crowns, tooth removal, root canal, fillings and cavities.

Your dental health is really important to us, and we know that any oral issue can seriously impact your overall health. We also know that you need to observe good oral hygiene to prevent dental problems before they start. Doctor Praff can help you establish dental routines for your family and yourself that everyone can follow. We can even give you cosmetic care to correct aesthetic problems like misshaped teeth, over or under bite, gapped or crowded teeth, and teeth whitening.

We know accidents happen, and we are committed to give our patients the care they deserve even during after hours. Dental injuries can happen in a number of ways, and your first move should be to implement some first aid relief before things get worse. Once your condition stabilizes, you should then seek help from the nearest emergency room or stop by our office for an immediate checkup and oral follow up.

Our dental office accepts most dental insurances, and we have payment programs for those without insurance. We offer everything from family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, urgent and emergency, pediatric, and orthodontic care. You can either call toll-free 1 (845) 352-4300 for an appointment, or just walk in to our dentist office in Spring Valley, and we will take care of you that same day.