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Everyone wants white sparkling teeth and tooth whitening is a great way to do it. The procedure can give you that nice bright smile but most people do not consider the side effects.

Like any medical procedure, all teeth whitening techniques have their side effects and adverse reactions.  Fortunately, you can reduce the more the extreme effects by taking a few precautions before you use that teeth whitening toothpaste or seeing your dentist.

For most people, sensitive teeth and gums are usually the only real side effect of teeth whitening and the pain can get quite painful if you are not lucky. Teeth whitening can either aggravate preexisting sensitivity or produce new acute pain even in healthy teeth often without warning. While most of the pain will occur during the process itself, the high sensitivity does not always start then. In many cases, the pains can start early or even occur after the procedure is done.

Most people only suffer mild sensitivity which slowly fades away over time, but you should always prepare for the worst. While even the sharpest pain will eventually go away, the condition can be permanent along with irreversible tooth damage if you are not careful.

Fortunately, you can reduce the risks by taking care of your teeth long before and after you start whitening. For instance, you can reduce your intake of fruit juices and fruits. Fruit juice tends to be highly acidic which can erode your teeth enamel and lead to teeth sensitivity.

You should avoid over bleaching as well. Bleach, which is often found in most home whitening systems and products, over stimulates your nerves leading to deep shooting pains.

As always, you should always take and heed the advice from your dentist, especially if you already have a gum disease or sensitivity. Teeth whitening should only performed by a trained dentist anyway. Beauty salons and beauticians are rarely authorized or licensed by law to provide the necessary assessment or advice you need.

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